The beauty and danger of the mind--justice and unjustice / by Yu Cao

To which extent I can and cannot trust human mind?

49 lives were shooted last night. When I looked at the killer’s photo, in his eyes, I saw no mercy. It's reckless emotionless eyesight. Such a mind could kill unlimited lives like drinking water. 

What is on his mind? What leads to the disaster? Is mercy, justice part of human soul? Absolutely, he chose to do this out of an intention. Is intention always trustable? Isn't anyone with such an intention to execute a crime? How far am I from that reckless soul? How far is the just soul from the injust soul? 

Fool and mad men are absolutely certain about themselves. They don't know their conscious thinking is not trustable. They don't know we don't know in natural law. I was silly that thought I was holding the truth and thus rejecting learning. Disorder conquered my mind. I wasn't happy. But now, it’s a different story. I learned from Socrates that I need to manage my soul to keep every class do their own thing and in order. This attitude of mind is the guidance of all external managements. That is true. I am practicing them daily. I found and felt something internal that I need to hold on to, that I need to take care of with every awareness. This brings me harmony. I don't feel anxiety, worry, stress as before. I feel calm, and happy like never before. Calmness pervades my mind. 

What makes such a change to me? I love the change. Simply the calm soul is a big enough blessing to pursuit. That's why to try to live a just soul instead of unjust. Disorder of the soul is torturing. More than anyone or anything else, the being himself or herself is the one tortured by it. 

Will death end such a torturing disorder in soul? Death is in time. Soul is in eternity. Death won't end such a disorder in soul unfortunately. What can end it then? Or what can transform a mind to justice, to awareness of the internal management of the soul? What transformed my mind? Good people. More accurately, good minds. I admire the minds with the precious awareness of taking care. Whenever encountering such a mind, I'm thrilled and simply want to become one like that. I feel the beauty of human mind. It's like a flower blooming in the soul. Beauty. Wonder. 

I've got to take care of my soul. The invisible flower has got to manifest itself in me. I won't be happy until let it be. 

"Justice does not concern a man's management of his own external fairs, but his internal management of his soul, his truest self and his truest possessions. The just man does not allow the different principles within him to do other work than their own, nor the distinct classes in his soul to interfere with one another' but in the truest sense he sets his house in order, gaining the mastery over himself; and becoming on good terms with himself through discipline, he joins in harmony those different elements. In this spirit he lives; whether he is money-making or attending to the wants of his body, whether he engaged in politics or on business transactions of his own, throughout he considers and calls just and beautiful all conduct which pursues and helps to create this attitude of mind. The knowledge which superintends these actions is for him wisdom, while any conduct which tends to destroy this attitude is for him unjust, and the belief which inspires it ignorance. " --Socrates