Time and Eternity / by Yu Cao

          Augustine only talks about the conscious function of mind--memory, attention and expectation which leads to time. He didn't talks about the unconsciousness of the mind, which is system 2 in Daniel Kahneman’s Think Fast and Slow. My hypothesis is that eternity exists in the unconsciousness. God exists there. Every human mind has access to it. 

         Eternity is the opposite of time. It makes sense. Time is consciously perceived by us. How time flies describes we didn't realize time passed. It means when time passes, we don't necessarily feel something. Time does not necessarily have an impression on us. Then I don't care about it. We remember things we don't consciously know we remember them. So it is stored in the mind without remembering. It just stores without remembering. Then this function of the mind is not in time. As time only exists in remembering, paying attention, and expecting. If this function is not in time, it has to be in eternity. There's nothing in between time and eternity. Eternity is time not. 

          So eternity is not accessible through consciousness. It is accessible through unconsciousness. How to access it? What's the value of accessing it? God creates in eternity. It means we can create as God creates? If God creates in eternity which lies in unconsciousness, as he creates such beauty and intelligence, this unconscious world has its own law. How to live its law if it's consciously inaccessible? What can I do? How does God create? I will never know how God creates, because knowing is a conscious mental function. But I could feel and understand. I could understand without knowing. I could feel without deciphering. I could create as God does. Is that God creates or creating is? In eternity, who does something still works? No. Who is no longer who.  There's no body. Do,did, doing makes no sense. There's nothing. No name. Nobody no action no name. That’s god creates in eternity.  

         Nobody no action no name. Nobody does not mean there no body, there is body but not somebody. There is action but not an action known. There is something created that is not a thing ever defined.

          What is death? Where will my beloved go after death? Death is in time, in consciousness. Not fun. It's limited. What's death in eternity?  No death in eternity. If I learn to live in eternity, I will live happily ever after? Seems yes. What is happiness? If it's a function of conscious mind, then it is mortal. If it is in unconsciousness, it is then immortal. What is love? What is the love that touches my soul? In unconsciousness. So vast that I'm overwhelmed by it. All love happens magically. In consciousness, out of responsibility or some grand naming, it is not love, but slave. I'm definitely won over by my uncle’s adopting me and Stephen’s adopting me. Just a moment it's eternity. Something huge/ vast in my soul, life, being that I have to hold on to without knowing why. I’ve got to contribute with the purest love and whole soul. It's not for anyone, there is actually no one. This is who I am. What is truth? Truth is in the unconsciousness. Truth can never be told. Hold onto the feeling will come out the truth. I need to learn some examples, who holds onto the core and lives in eternity? 

          From now on, I will transit my mindset and invest in the unconsciousness. Who are the ones that I can learn from? Wisdom is in eternity. Wisdom is the mastery of unconscious law. The mastery of knowing nothing. Reflections, imitations and experience contribute to wisdom said by Confucius.

          Discovery. Time is the conscious function of mind--to remember, to pay attention, and to expect. Time is in the consciousness and eternity the unconsciousness. Wisdom and creativity, the mastery of the Tao of the unconsciousness, is in eternity.