"Circumstance" is where the world creates the world / by Yu Cao

"Circumstance" is where I can ask questions that I may not with words, where I try all possible instruments of articulation, where I gain "authorship in revelation". In "circumstance," "you can write the world, you can create the world, that's the way the world creates the world," David put it. How beautiful! That's the key. Motion is the key. A succession of responding to what is happening, arising, revealing. This is what Hegel reveals the succession of Spirit's originating new objects in its own necessity. "Authorship in revelation" is the necessity. 

David makes realize the strongest way to ask may not be words. Curiosity of a difficult question and understanding is important, even though I may not be able to articulate it. Language may not be the first place to go. Maybe that's why the direct making with hand is what brings me refreshing discoveries! "The struggling of language is crucial." I feel now more comfortable living this struggle.

"A sense of agency." "You can make any tool you need." How wonderful. No fear to ask is an awareness. A sense of agency leads to no fear to ask and a creative life. It frees curiosity and sets it in motion. Such an energy will push the potential of framework, change it and lead to transformation. 

Imagine setting up a "circumstance" for a whole life,  living in authorship in revelation, that's dwelling in uncertainty--not knowing, being open for Spirit's succession in its own necessity-- the stronger energy beyond us, and a conversation between the world and us. The recollection of responding to and learning from revelation will lead to transformation. A life of transformation.