Innovative designer / Strategic thinker

Master of Architecture student from Rhode Island School of Design 2017. On executive board of RISD Graduate Student Alliance 2015-2016. 

Successfully launched and run an on-campus publishing platform––RISD Hot Seat to foster a dynamic communication across students, faculty, and staff in the non-academic setting. Co-hosted, edited and published 10 interviews with RISD President Somerson and 9 Department Heads in 2016. Head an architecture design studio at RISD in 2016.

Received the RISD "Warren Family Social Engagement Award" of 2017 among 800 graduates for “the creativity, energy, care for others and devotion to the greater good which has significantly made a difference in the RISD community.”

I am passionate to continue using design thinking to drive innovative problem-solving and enrich lives.

Core competencies: Strategic Thinking, Architecture Design, Landscape Design, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Research, Project Management (CAPM Certificate), Communication.